This project is a collaboration between Toyota's CSRC and Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Toyota has been engaged in research related to vehicle computer systems that can automatically notify first responders in the event of a crash. These efforts have led to steps that could be used to develop a targeted risk algorithm that could predict whether occupants may have sustained severe injuries following a crash.

The prior phase of research has focused on determining whether or not vehicle occupants would likely need to seek medical treatment following an accident. Looking ahead, Toyota’s CSRC and Wake Forest University School of Medicine are teaming up to move this important research to the next level, working to further enhance the algorithm to include other variables that can help to predict the actual severity of injuries occupants may have sustained.

Wake Forest and the CSRC will first look to enhance and expand its list of target injury risks, extending it to include more information from databases such as the National Trauma Data Bank. This will enable researchers to add additional parameters to the system to better determine the severity, time sensitivity and predictability of injuries.

The project will also work to enhance an occupant transportation decision (OTD) algorithm, which determines whether occupants may or may not need to be transported to a medical center. By incorporating the improved target injury list into this algorithm, researchers can further enhance its precision in determining the need for medical transport.

To validate the algorithms, researchers will input crash event details from actual cases. Comparing the algorithms’ predictions to the actual outcomes of these crash events will help inform further refinements.


This partnership is scheduled to last one year, beginning with a six-month effort to enhance the target injury list and develop the injury risk algorithm. Three months after the partnerships launch, researchers will begin efforts to enhance the Occupant Transportation Decision Algorithm. The last four months of the project will be spent clarifying the effects of the algorithms.