The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) serves as Virginia Tech's largest university–level research center. The center is dedicated to conducting research to save lives, save time, and save money in the transportation field by developing and using state–of –the–art tools, techniques, and technologies to solve transportation challenges. VTTI's cutting–edge research is affecting significant change in public policies in the transportation domain on both the state and national levels.

VTTI continues its success by employing an elite team of multi–disciplinary researchers, engineers, technicians, support staff, and students. The Institute conducts applied research to develop new techniques and technologies to study transportation challenges from various perspectives: vehicle, driver, infrastructure, and environment.

To accomplish its ground–breaking research, the Institute has at its disposal a wide range of tools to explore transportation problems, including facilities such as the Virginia Smart Road and VTTI's in–house Data Acquisition System (DAS). These capabilities have earned VTTI a unique standing in the transportation research field and have made it a "one–stop shop" for transportation research, evaluation, analysis and development.

In 1996, VTTI was designated as one of three Federal Highway Administration/Federal Transit Administration Intelligent Transportation Systems (FHWA/FTA ITS) Research Centers of Excellence. Since then, VTTI has grown tremendously and has garnered a reputation as one of the leading transportation research institutions in the nation.

In 2005, due to VTTI–s continued research leadership, VTTI was designated the National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence (NSTSCE). VTTI's team of professionals conducts applied research to solve various transportation challenges. With real–world research results, VTTI affects significant change in public policies on the state, national, and international levels with the ultimate goal of saving lives on our highways.