In 2002, the Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) Real Estate and Facilities (RE&F) Department adopted Process Green, a groundbreaking environmental plan that establishes a framework for sustainable design, development and operations across the TMS campus in Torrance, CA, with a goal of minimizing the impacts of development while decreasing costs and improving working conditions.

While most corporations focus their sustainability projects on new building design, RE&F takes a holistic approach based on the belief that environmental responsibility should apply to all aspects of real estate and facilities operations. For RE&F, that includes a complex real estate portfolio ranging from corporate office space and ports to industrial automotive shop space and airplane hangars, totaling approximately 10 million square feet at over 150 locations.

Process Green focuses its efforts on five broad categories:

    1. Site features;
    2. Water efficiency;
    3. Energy and atmosphere;
    4. Materials and resources; and
    5. Indoor environmental quality.

Process Green is an outgrowth of the TMS Environmental Action Plan, established in 2001 in accordance with the Toyota Global Earth Charter.