The goal of Process Green’s sustainable site features is to reduce a building’s negative environmental impact in any and every way possible, ranging from using recycled materials in construction to providing alternative transportation for employees on campus.

Every effort is made to remodel or repurpose existing structures to minimize environmental impact, conserve resources and protect open spaces. All projects utilize erosion and sedimentation controls to reduce pollution from construction activities. In addition, new buildings are built with less reflective materials, leading to reduced heat gain, which is especially important at TMS facilities located in Southern California. Process Green has also reduced buildings’ environmental impact by pre-treating storm water before it leaves a TMS building.

Similarly, during the relocation and expansion of Toyota Logistics Services’ Port of Portland Vehicle Distribution Center, Real Estate & Facilities (RE&F) incorporated important sustainable site features to reduce the facility’s environmental footprint, including Energy Star reflective roofs, a storm water pre-treatment system, employee shower facilities to encourage bicycling to work, priority carpool parking spaces to promote ride sharing, and onsite bicycles to reduce vehicle emissions on campus.