A Toyota survey into the benefits of anti-lock brakes systems (ABS) found that approximately 20% of all side-skidding accidents occurred because the brakes locked up when a driver loses control of the vehicle. It is critical for the brakes to work properly during an emergency, but if the wheels lock in response to hard brake pressure a vehicle can lose steering control while extending its braking distance. Toyota’s anti-lock braking system helps prevent wheel lock.

How Does it Work?

Toyota’s anti-lock braking system constantly monitors a vehicle’s wheels for signs they are beginning to lock and instantaneously modulates braking pressure to help prevent it. By performing this action repeatedly every millisecond, the system not only improves steering control in an emergency, but also dramatically improves braking performance.

Like every technology, anti-lock brakes have their limits. The system can only assist the driver and can’t achieve braking performance that is beyond the capability of the wheels. As always, it is important for drivers to maintain a speed and distance from other vehicles that is appropriate to road conditions.