In October 2010, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) participated in the 17th annual World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Busan, Korea. The congress consists of five days of informative sessions, exhibits, and technical tours by ITS-related groups from all over the world to showcase their ITS research. The congress is held in alternating locations of Europe, the Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. The 2011 congress is scheduled to be held in Orlando, Florida.

The theme of this year's conference was "Ubiquitous Society with ITS", where TMC presented its proposal for future mobility, and ITS technologies that will aid in the development of that mobile society.

One of Toyota’s advanced safety technologies was introduced, the Pre-collision safety system, which includes a driver-monitoring camera, millimeter-wave radar, and a stereo camera fusion system. TMC also offered a Pre-collision safety simulator, consisting of a vehicle similar to the Lexus LS on display that contains the Pre-collision Safety system technology, plus video footage of testing of several vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems currently in place in Japan, as a direct result of cooperation between the Japanese government and private companies.

TMC also introduced verification tests it is conducting in select cities in Japan targeting efficiency energy consumption to aid in the development of future low-carbon societies. These tests consist of systems that optimize energy use in the home as well as in commercial and public facilities, and low-carbon transport systems. The Toyota Smart Center in Rokkasho Village in Aomori Prefecture, Japan is a system that completely integrates individual homes, vehicles and electric suppliers to optimize energy consumption. Other tests being conducted include smart houses with systems to manage household energy use, and PHV operation, such as driver information for electric motor only ranges and location of charging stations.

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