Confirming its plans to launch a battery electric urban commuter vehicle by 2012, Toyota revealed the FT-EV -- a battery electric vehicle (BEV) concept -- during the 2009 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

The FT-EV concept builds on the huge success of the iQ urban commuter vehicle in Japan, with which it shares a platform. The iQ is lightweight and seats four passengers, while delivering exceptional mileage, sporty performance, unique refinements and a fun, youthful image.

Toyota's FT-EV concept imagines an urban dweller who drives up to 50 miles between home, work and other forms of public transportation, such as high-speed rail. More information on Toyota's other electric vehicle concepts, including the FT-EV II can be found here.

FT-EV Concept Details

Overall Length (in)120
Width (in)66
Height (in)59
Wheelbase (in)79
Number of Seats3 + 1
Battery Specification11kWh
Power Output (kW)45kW
Torque (N)160Nm
Cruising DistanceTarget 50 mile (80km)
Maximum Speed70 mph
Charging Time (hr)100V-120V: 7.5Hr
200V-240V: 2.5Hr*

*Charging Capacity 4kW

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