The Toyota FT-EV II battery electric vehicle (BEV) concept is designed for short distance travel in an urban setting. It is the latest addition to Toyota's comprehensive environmental technology vehicle lineup, which includes hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell hybrid and battery electric vehicles.

The FT-EV II is the next iteration of the FT-EV concept that debuted at the 2009 North American International Auto Show. The FT-EV II shares its platform with the popular Toyota iQ, but is styled with a more compact body. The vehicle has a four seat (2+2) configuration and is equipped with drive-by-wire that allows for joystick operation of accelerating, braking and steering. Toyota's motor-control technology, part of the hybrid system at the core of Toyota's environmental technologies, enable an extremely quiet and comfortable ride with smooth acceleration.

The FT-EV II can travel more than 55 miles on a fully charged battery and travel at top speeds of up to 62 mph, making the vehicle ideal for an urban environment. It runs on Lithium-ion battery power and can be fully charged on a 110 V outlet in approximately 7.5 hours and in just 2.5 hours with a 220 V connection.

The vehicle is designed with a low front cowl and an auxiliary window below the windshield for outstanding forward visibility. Electric sliding doors on both sides allows for easy access into and out of the vehicle, particularly in narrow spaces. This front-wheel drive vehicle is designed to maneuver easily through tight spaces. The vehicle's length is just 107.4 inches, with a width of 66.1 inches, height of 58.6 inches and a wheelbase of 74.8 inches.

Ten years ago, Toyota introduced the RAV4 EV, battery-electric vehicle in California. 1,484 of these 100-mile range large battery electric vehicles were either sold or leased over the three year program. Nearly half are still on the road. Shortly thereafter, Toyota started a modest demonstration program with a small battery, all-electric urban commuter, called the e-com.

This concept addressed the idea of the “on-demand” city-station car similar to the Zip-car business model that is fast becoming popular in large urban areas. Although much shorter in range, the e-com program addressed a specific mobility niche at a much more affordable price than the RAV4 EV.

However, at the time, the market, the consumer and consumer's environmental mind set were not ready to buy in to the whole battery electric concept. Both programs came…and quickly went. But times have changed – and for the better. So much so that Toyota will bring a lithium-ion battery electric vehicle to market in model year 2012.

FT-EV II Specs
Length107.4 inches
Width66.1 inches
Height58.6 inches
Wheelbase74.8 inches

  1. FT-EV II Concept.

  2. FT-EV II Concept.

  3. FT-EV II Concept.

  4. FT-EV II Concept.