The Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle advanced (FCHV-adv) is based on the popular Toyota Highlander mid-size sport utility vehicle. It utilizes the same core hybrid synergy drive (HSD) technology utilized in the Toyota Prius.

The FCHV-adv fuel cell system features four compressed hydrogen fuel tanks, an electric motor, a nickel-metal hydride battery, and a power control unit. Hydrogen gas is fed into the fuel cell stack where it is combined with oxygen. The electricity produced by this chemical reaction is used to power the electric motor and to charge the battery.

In 2009, the FCHV-adv achieved an estimated range of 431 miles on a single full tank of compressed hydrogen gas, and an average fuel economy of 68.3 miles/kg (approximate mpg equivalent) during a day-long trip down the southern California coast. In addition to superior fuel economy, the FCHV-adv is smog-free, with water vapor as its only byproduct. In other words, it produces zero emissions while driving.

Over the next three years, more than 100 FCHV-adv vehicles will be deployed as part of an expanded demonstration program. Customers include universities, private companies and government agencies as well as government agencies in both California and New York. The demonstration program aims to increase awareness of fuel cell technology and spur development of much-needed infrastructure prior to the planned market introduction in 2015.

FCHV Specs
Overall Length / Width / Height (mm)4,735 / 1,815 / 1,685
Weight (kg)1,880
Seating Capacity5
Maximum Cruising range (km)*
10-15 test cycle / JC08 test cycle
Approx. 830 / Approx. 760
Maximum Speed (km/h)155

Fuel Cell
NameToyota FC Stack
TypePolymer Electrolyte
Output (kW)90

TypePermanent Magnet
Maximum Output in kW (ps)90 (122)
Maximum Torque in N-m (kg-m)260 (26.5)

Additional Specs
Storage SystemHigh-pressure storage tanks
Maximum Storage Pressure (MPa)70
Tank Capacity (L)156
BatteryNickel-metal hydride

*Based on TMC Calculations

  1. Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle-Advanced

  2. Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle-Advanced

  3. Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle-Advanced

  4. Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle-Advanced