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Remanufactured Parts

Toyota takes pride in making quality parts – new and remanufactured. Genuine Toyota Remanufactured Products are not only a great value, they also meet Toyota’s rigid quality standards so you can be assured of the same durability and reliable operation for which Toyota products are known. Every remanufactured product undergoes a variety of performance tests to help ensure proper function and Toyota quality, and all products are continually improved and updated to reflect the latest in Toyota technology, engineering and design (where applicable).

Unlike auto parts store replacements, Genuine Toyota Remanufactured Products are designed to be an exact replacement for the original part, so they’ll fit right the first time. Plus, all Genuine Toyota Remanufactured Products are covered by a 12-month unlimited mileage warranty that’s honored by more than 1100 authorized Toyota dealerships in the continental U.S., Hawaii and Alaska. See dealer for details on limited warranty.

Remanufactured Products Available at Your Toyota Dealership

Starters, alternators, clutch covers and discs, air conditioning compressors, automatic transmissions, brake calipers, water pumps, power rack-and-pinion assemblies, engine control unit computers, electronic fuel injection computers, electronically controlled transmission computers and voltage regulators.

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