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Summertime Safety

Provided by howstuffworks
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Summertime means sunny days, vacations and road trips. However, it can also mean unexpected breakdowns and minor roadside emergencies. You can never be too prepared, and taking a minute to do a few simple things could save you a lot of headache in the long run. This is especially important when driving through the desert and remote areas in the summer heat. So take a minute to prepare.

Here’s what you should pack to get through any car trip complication.

Storage Box And Cell Phone

Keep all your supplies in one place to avoid having to search through various places throughout your vehicle. Reuse a box, basket or container to keep all your supplies in one neat and tidy place. Make sure a cell phone and charger is with you at all times along with a portable battery if you have one.

Food, First-Aid Kit And Reflective Blanket

Keep natural, dried food on hand that will last the entire summer. Things like beef jerky, almonds, peanuts and other quick and easy energy foods can really come in handy if you’re ever stranded somewhere for long periods of time.

A good first-aid kit is a must for any time of year and any sort of trip you’re thinking of taking. Some road flares are also a must in case you need to signal to people that you need help. Also, keep a reflective blanket on hand as it gets chilly in the desert at night and a raincoat in case you’re stuck outside on a wet and windy day.


Basic Tool Set And Fuses

In case you need to make any emergency repairs, you’ll want a basic tool set: pliers, cutting knife, wrenches, screwdrivers, tire pressure gauge, jumper cables, duct tape, road flares, a crank-powered flashlight and a microfiber towel.

Also think about your vehicle’s electrical functions. A failed fuse can leave you stranded so it’s important to always carry a few extras.

Spare Tire And Water

Make sure your spare tire is properly inflated. Also check that you have the correct size lug nut wrench and a safe, working jack. You should also carry a can of tire sealant just in case of a puncture.

Keep a gallon or two of water in case you get stranded. The desert heat can cause people to be dehydrated in no time and you never know, you may need extra water to fill your radiator if you spring a leak or your engine overheats (just be sure to allow the engine to cool sufficiently before attempting to remove the radiator cap to avoid burns).

Automotive Grade Tape

Duct tape can come in handy for a variety of fast fixes and has been known to save the day in countless situations. Keep a roll of this all-purpose tape on hand and you’ll start to see just how many uses you can find for this fix-all tape.

Summertime should be carefree and fun, but unexpected things can happen. Take a minute to make sure you are adequately prepared for anything that could possibly come up. Have these simple items on hand in case of an emergency; it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

You can also find a lot of first aid and travel gear at your local Toyota Dealer while you quickly get your tires and fluids checked before a trip.