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Spring Car Cleaning

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The sun is out. The birds are chirping. And it’s a good day to drive. Give your vehicle a little TLC every spring so that it’s good and ready to go for summer. A few hours of extra effort can boost performance, efficiency and longevity while ensuring you’re more than ready for some spring and summer fun.

Ready to start? Let's get cleaning!

One: Take Out The Trash

Is the interior of your car littered with fast food bags, scraps of paper and used drink cups? Now is the time to get rid of everything you don’t need. A quick sweep for bigger pieces of garbage, lint or extra pieces of paper can have your interior looking like new in no time.

Two: Vacuum And Dust

Wipe down interior surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Toyota has an entire range of cleaning products made specifically for your vehicle. Quickly wiping down your interior with appropriate products can prolong the life and look of your dash and seats. After wiping, vacuum the carpets.

Three: Wash The Windows

Dirty windows can decrease visibility. Defrosters used during the winter months can coat your front windows with an oily film, making it sometimes hard to see. Use your household glass cleaner – biodegradable if you can – to wipe down windows and get all smudges off.

Four: Wash The Outside

Some experts believe that a clean vehicle is more aerodynamic. This may be pushing it, but everyone loves a clean car. Try using a professional car wash that treats and/or recycles the water they use. Or get out your hose, a bucket and some biodegradable soap and take an hour to clean your car. You’ll get a bit of exercise and drive off feeling proud of the car that takes you near and far.

Five: Spring Tune-Up

Summer can be just as hard on a vehicle as winter. Make sure your engine is properly maintained (check your Owner’s Manual for schedule) and that the radiator is clear of bugs and other debris.

Cleaning may not be much fun, but clean cars look great and can be more efficient and longer lasting. In two to three hours, you’ll be driving smooth, clean and worry-free again. Be sure to check out Toyota’s full line of automotive cleaners and solvents to get the most out of your vehicle, inside and out.