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Care-free Car Keys

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Tired of pressing buttons and turning keys to unlock your car and get on your way? If your vehicle is equipped with Toyota’s Smart Key System, you can open your doors and start the engine with almost no effort and zero turn of the wrist. How is this possible? And is it safe? Read on to find out.

How It Works

With Toyota’s Smart Key System, you can unlock your driver’s door (and passenger doors depending on the vehicle) by simply touching the handle. When you sit down, all you have to do is press the “engine start/stop” button to start the vehicle.

As long as you have your Smart Key fob somewhere in the vehicle or on your person, the vehicle will start. If you leave the key fob outside, several feet from the vehicle, it won’t start. It’s that sensitive.

Is It Secure?

Toyota’s Smart Key System uses rolling codes, which means a new code is generated each time you enter your vehicle. This way, no one can use a different fob to open your doors or start your engine.

Toyota’s Smart Key System is the future of car keys. One Smart Key works with only one car. It’s secure, convenient and you’ll never have to dig through your purse or briefcase to find those keys again.

For more information on Toyota’s Smart Key System, take a look at our Owner’s Manual section or our How-to Video on remote keyless entry.