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Toyota Teen Driving

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We believe that driver education shouldn’t stop once teens pass their driving test. That’s why Toyota has partnered with Discovery Education to create Toyota Teen Driver, an interactive Web site aimed at providing resources on safe driving for parents, educators, schools, and teens. For instance, teens can take the online challenge “Heads Up!” to get a virtual experience of the dangers of distracted driving. Players earn a chance to win a $5000 scholarship prize from Toyota.

Teachers are invited to participate in our “Educators’ Challenge” to develop a project-based lesson plan about safe driving. Those who create the best programs, like 2011 Grand Prize winner Nick Aprea of Seymour, Connecticut, and first place winner Gina McCarley of Moulton, Alabama, earn additional driver safety education programs for their communities. Other resources on the Toyota Teen Driver site include conversation starters, driving activities and a guide to help parents coach their teen drivers and set good driving examples.

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