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The Bottom Line On Aligning

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People do all kinds of things to keep their spine aligned. There’s good reason. If your spine goes out of whack, your body aches and you wear down faster. Cars are kind of like that too.

As part of normal driving, your car's suspension can become off-kilter. Having your car aligned restores your car’s “spine” to its correct position.

How Do I Know My Car Needs An Alignment?

Look at your tires. Uneven tire wear means your car may be out of alignment. Another clue: if your car “pulls” to the left or right, or if your steering wheel isn’t on center.

What Happens During An Alignment?

Suspension alignment is an elaborate process. It requires a trained professional who uses special equipment and sensors to help make precise measurements. The technician will also make sure that no suspension components are excessively worn or broken and that your steering wheel is centered.

The mechanic adjusts the various suspension angles according to the standards set by your car’s manufacturer. When your car is aligned, your tires will last longer, and you might even see an improvement in fuel economy. You’ll also have less wear, get better handling and have more control over your vehicle.

If you need to get your car aligned, find a local Toyota Dealer or schedule service now. For more information on alignment and other things to pay attention to, please visit your Owner’s Manual.