Avenues For Advancement

The Toyota Avenues for Advancement Program (TAAP) opens doors for talented individuals that are currently working in a Toyota or Lexus dealership with goals of managing or owning their own dealership.

TAAP includes partnership, education and training, and financial assistance opportunities. If you are interested in the Avenues for Advancement program, here's how Toyota can help:

  • Partnering with our own dealers as well as major publicly and privately owned dealer groups representing all makes, Toyota funding helps subsidize real-world experience, as well as education through such institutions as Northwood University's automotive retail curriculum and the University of Toyota. TAAP's initial goal is to open new dimensions to increase diversity in the retail environment.
  • TAAP's second component addresses technical job opportunities. Each year, the auto repair and service industry faces a shortage of 60,000 trained technicians to service today's sophisticated cars and trucks.
  • We have training and management programs designed to help prepare future managers and dealers with the skills and resources they will need to be successful. Because retail automotive experience, especially at the general manager level, is considered essential for anyone aspiring to acquire equity in a dealership, Toyota provides financial assistance to help dealers recruit, train and develop minority employees for dealership management positions. We provide dealers with tool kits that include guidebooks, and a tuition reimbursement program to facilitate this vocational training.