How to get assets from AdPlanner

AdPlanner is a custom database that houses all the branding assets you'll need. There are two ways to find assets on AdPlanner:

1. Find the collection

Search Visual Identity System in AdPlanner to see all the Brand Identity assets.

2. Get the specific asset

Copy the asset ID below and paste it into the search bar on AdPlanner. It's that easy!

Toyota Type

Toyota Type bundles include Book, Regular, Semibold, Bold, Black and Light weights in italics or non-italics. Digital formats include TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, EOT and SVG. Print formats include OTF and TTF.
Digital RGBAsset ID: 212170
Print CMYKAsset ID: 212174
Book, Regular, Semibold, Bold

Let's Go Places

Let's Go Places bundles include digital and print formats for one headline in horizontal layout, and logo in horizontal, horizontal stacked and vertical layouts in black and white. Digital formats include .PNG and .AI. Print formats include .EPS and .AI.
Let's Go PlacesAsset ID: 315314
Let's Go Places - SpanishAsset ID: 315312
Let's Go Places - ChineseAsset ID: 315310
Let's Go Places - KoreanAsset ID: 315311
Let's Go Places - VietnameseAsset ID: 315313
Let's Go Places in black text on light gray background

Vehicle Logos

Icon logo bundles include digital and print formats for horizontal and vertical layouts in black and white. Digital formats include .PNG and .AI. Print formats include .EPS and .AI.
Cars & Minivans
86Asset ID: 315300
AvalonAsset ID: 315302
CamryAsset ID: 315306
CorollaAsset ID: 315309
Corolla HatchbackAsset ID: 315307
SiennaAsset ID: 315290
TacomaAsset ID: 315291
TundraAsset ID: 315282
SUVs & Crossovers
4RunnerAsset ID: 315299
C-HRAsset ID: 315303
HighlanderAsset ID: 315279
Land CruiserAsset ID: 315280
RAV4Asset ID: 315287
SequoiaAsset ID: 315289
VenzaAsset ID: 315284
Hybrids & FCVs
Avalon HybridAsset ID: 315301
Camry HybridAsset ID: 315305
Corolla HybridAsset ID: 315308
Highlander HybridAsset ID: 315278
MiraiAsset ID: 315281
PriusAsset ID: 315283
Prius PrimeAsset ID: 315285
RAV4 HybridAsset ID: 315286
RAV4 PrimeAsset ID: 315288

Sub-brand Logos

Sub-brand bundles include digital and print formats for horizontal and vertical layouts. Digital formats include .PNG and .AI. Print formats include .EPS and .AI.
Toyota Certified Used VehiclesAsset ID: 315374
ToyotaCareAsset ID: 315382
ToyotaCare PlusAsset ID: 315387
Service CenterAsset ID: 315368
Service CentersAsset ID: 315370
Express MaintenanceAsset ID: 315412
Certified Collision CentersAsset ID: 315402

Dynamic Branding

End tag bundles include project files, technical instructions and reference materials.
Toyota Brand End Tags
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315557
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315503
Vehicle End Tags
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315545
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315490
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315546
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315491
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315548
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315493
Avalon Hybrid
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315547
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315492
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315549
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315495
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315551
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315497
Camry Hybrid
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315550
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315496
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315554
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315501
Corolla Hatchback
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315552
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315499
Corolla Hybrid
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315553
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315500
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315555
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315502
Highlander Hybrid
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315450
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315463
Land Cruiser
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315451
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315464
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315452
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315465
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315454
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315467
Prius Prime
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315453
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315466
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315457
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315470
RAV4 Hybrid
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315455
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315468
RAV4 Prime
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315456
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315469
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315458
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315471
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315459
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315472
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315473
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315460
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315461
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315474
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 315462
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 315475
Supers Toolkit
Flame ToolkitAsset ID: 298565
Premiere ToolkitAsset ID: 280778
Toyota :03 BillboardAsset ID: 315494
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