This Sponsorship Signage section provides guidance on the correct signatures and color options for use in stadiums, arenas and other sponsored environments. Both horizontal and vertical signatures are provided along with the preferred full-color options as well as the alternate 1-color versions.


Use the Toyota full-color logo whenever possible, as this will help provide maximum visual impact for sponsorship opportunities in busy environments. The preferred full-color option is the Toyota logo with a white wordmark on a black background. If you are on a light white background, use the alternate logo with black wordmark.

In some instances, the background color may be predetermined precluding the ability to use either black or white. In these situations, the full-color signature is preferred. Please refer to the logo guidelines for proper use on dark or light backgrounds.


Only use the 1-color logo when full-color production is unavailable, or the sponsorship dictates the use of a 1-color logo. The preferred 1-color option for signage is a white logo on a Toyota red background. If you are on a dark background, use Alternate 1, with the white logo. If you are on a light background, use Alternate 2, with the black logo.

Correct Use

Below are acceptable uses of the full-color preferred logos.
Full color preferred logo on ski jump
Full color preferred logo in soccer stadium
Full color preferred logo in baseball stadium