Sub-brand Logos

What constitutes a Toyota sub-brand?

A Toyota sub-brand is a product, service or program that ensures brand equity in the marketplace beyond the Toyota master brand and its vehicles. Toyota Certified Used Vehicles, ToyotaCare, Service Center, Express Maintenance and Certified Collision Centers are all prime sub-brand examples.

Short-term initiatives and general communications are not considered as sub-brands and, therefore, should not use a sub-brand logo configuration.

Our sub-brand logo configurations

There are three sub-brand logo configurations: single-, double- and triple-line. These versions are provided to accommodate a range of shorter to longer sub-brand names. For vertical logos, the type size is always consistent across single-, double- and triple-line configurations. For horizontal logos, the type size changes to appear consistent in the space, so as not to overpower the Toyota symbol for longer names with two- and three-line configurations. Use the logo configuration that maximizes legibility within the space constraints of the material you are creating.

Correct Use

Single-, double- and triple-line sub-brand examples

Below are acceptable uses of single-, double- and triple-line sub-brands across a variety of marketing communication materials.
Print layout with horizontal ToyotaCare logo
Out of home layouts with double line vertical Express Maintenance logo
Print layouts with horizontal triple line Certified Collision Centers logo
Point of Sale layout with double line vertical Certified Used Vehicles logo
Print layout with horizontal ToyotaCare Plus logo
Balloons with vertical single line Service Center logo
  • Use only one staging platform logo

    The staging platform logo must only appear once on the application, as either the Toyota brand logo, the Let’s Go Places logo, a Toyota vehicle logo or the sub-brand logo. The staging platform logo should never appear more than once within the layout.

    Red X over layout with multiple staging platform logos
  • Use of multiple sub-brand logos

    If there are multiple sub-brand logos in one layout, use the Toyota brand logo as a visual anchor and instead of logo artwork, typeset the additional sub-brands using Toyota Type Semibold.

    Layout with multiple sub brands typeset in Toyota Type Semibold