Our vision for the car of the future starts with "Yui."

Designed from the inside out, Toyota Concept-i is an exciting glimpse into a future mobility that is warm, friendly and revolves around you.

Hello. I'm Yui.

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Toyota Concept-i. I'm an interface, a liaison, a middleman. But you can call me pal.

Meet Yui
The future has arrived.

While we can't predict the future, we can inspire it. So what will our cars look like and how will they function? Will we drive them or will they drive us? That seems to be the question on everyone's mind. Well, we have an idea. Cars are for people who want to go to more places safely and efficiently, and enjoy the thrill of the drive at the same time. We're excited to introduce you to a vision for the car of the future. Toyota Concept-i and its forward-thinking UX hold a mirror up to a future that is warm, friendly, engaging and, most of all—fun. Without further ado, meet Concept-i.

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I'm not a robot. I'm your friend.

I'm excited to meet you. I'm even more excited to introduce you to my beautiful home—Toyota's vision for the car of the future—Toyota Concept-i. My name is Yui, which means the center, or the soul. I was given that fun name because I'm essentially the spirit, or personality, of the car. I live in the car's dashboard, but I can travel throughout the car when I want to. I act as a liaison between you, your passengers and the car. I don't just live inside the car; I also live in the future—which is very exciting. I can't tell you everything about it, but I can tell you that it's warm, friendly and, most of all, fun.

Learning makes this smart car brilliant.

The forward-thinking minds at our Calty Design Research center have dreamed up a concept of automotive UX that is intelligent, friendly and helpful. Intelligent cars that continually learn, and, in turn, keep getting smarter. Brilliant cars that get to know you and your needs, and then start to anticipate them for you. A bond between car, driver and society that, like any great relationship, revolves around trust and loyalty. Helping to bring this vision to life is Yui. Yui is a liaison between you, your passengers and your car. More pal than interface, Yui, in tandem with AI, anticipates your needs and informs the car so that Concept-i can consider and execute that next action accordingly.

I'm street smart. With a big heart.

I was born at Calty Design Research center in California circa 2017. I love talking and taking long drives by the beach. I was conceived to act as an agent, or a middleman, between you and your car. You might be asking yourself, “Why do my car and I need a middleman?” That's easy. It's because Concept-i was designed to create a special bond between you, your car and the world around you. I facilitate that relationship. That relationship is made possible by our friendship. I was designed to talk to you and communicate with your car to help make sure that you're always happy and have everything you need.

Less of a machine. More of a pal.

Concept-i follows our belief that vehicles shouldn't start with technology—they should start, and end, with the experience of the people who use them. Therefore, Concept-i was built from the inside out, with a focus on making it immersive, energetic and, most importantly—approachable. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we foresee an automotive future wherein our cars can connect with us. Thanks to Yui, Concept-i will enhance that relationship between car and driver.

Together, we'll put the “i” in team.

But I can't take all of the credit. I'm just one part of your awesome experience. Aside from me, there's another part that makes it feel so special. That's called AI. It's a pretty common technology in the future, although I know you're just starting to hear about it. Along with AI, the car and I work together with the goal of detecting what you and your passengers are thinking, feeling and needing. The AI is the brains, the car is the brawn, and I'm the voice that unites you both. I talk to you and then to the car. We're like a dream team. The more we all hang out together, the more fun it'll be. Trust me.

Concept-i puts the “i” in team.

In the future, we envision you, Yui and the car working together—like teammates. Now, here comes the really fun part. Thanks to the car's advanced automated driving technologies, people with all levels of ability can enjoy the ride. You're still in charge of the car. However, through biometric sensors throughout the car, Concept-i can detect what you're feeling. That information then gets analyzed by the car's AI. That's when the automated features kick in. Let's say, for example, that you're feeling sad; the AI will analyze your emotion, make a recommendation and if necessary, take over and drive you safely to your destination. So safety and protection are a major benefit of this relationship. By knowing you better, Concept-i can help protect you better.

Call us totally awesome. Not fully autonomous.

So, you may have heard that in the future, it's super cold and robotic. You may have heard that your ability to drive your own car is taken away from you. So not true. Concept-i is different from a lot of the other cars in the future because you can drive it, and it can drive you. Both! So it is autonomous, but not fully. For example, if you want to drive, you can. If we're out driving and the AI senses that you need a break, I'll tell the car that, and the car could take over with the goal of getting you safely to your destination. How cool is that?

Our concept of the future will make history.

Concept-i looks as brilliant as it sounds—from its expressive sculptural qualities and elegant graphics to its captivating lighting and design. Its minimal yet artful interior is designed to help support its user experience. Lines flow from the center of the dashboard throughout the vehicle, while Yui travels around them, using light, sound and even touch to communicate critical information. It utilizes a single wide-screen, 3-D, full-color Head-Up Display that blends into an interior that is clean and uncluttered. Even the exterior of the car elevates the relationship between the car and the world around it, communicating with others on the road while expressing motion and excitement. Exhilarating, delightful and truly unique, Concept-i is a masterpiece that always looks like it's in motion, even when it's not.

I could go on for forever. But won't.

There's so much more I want to share with you. But as you can see, this page isn't an infinite scroll, and I'm running out of space. But don't worry: In just a short time, we'll be together for a long time. I can't wait to meet you, and I look forward to going to many new and exciting places with you.