GR86 Premium shown in both Halo and Track bRED. Prototypes shown.

Class Is Now in Session

Welcome to the place where the masters of the road do master-like things behind the wheel of GR86, like J-Turns, Drifts and Scandinavian Flicks. Now it’s time to see what GR86 can really do. Now it’s time to master the drive.


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Class 1: Escape Work

We all appreciate our weekends. But Ken Gushi knows how to slide perfectly into his weekend with sport-tuned suspension and maximum control in his GR86. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible for him to sneak out of the office unnoticed.

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Class 2: Claim Your Spot

There’s friendly competition, then there’s Ryan Tuerck and Ken Gushi battling it out with the track-ready performance of GR86.

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Class 3: Dance in the Rain

As a couple, Fredric Aasbø and Hunter Taylor know a thing or two about relationship chemistry. Like maximizing the track-tuned performance and dynamic handling in GR86 to execute a perfect drift in unison.

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Class 4: Faster Food

Fast food is fast, but Fredric Aasbø maximizing the performance of GR86 by drifting through a drive-thru is on another level.

The Professors

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Stephan Papadakis

Team owner Stephan Papadakis is a legend in competitive drifting and sport-compact racing. He’s an engineer who has elevated his vehicles and established a long reputation as a winning manager. Since joining Formula Drift in 2004, his assembled team is the most winning in series history.

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Fredric Aasbø

Drift Champion Fredric Aasbø will teach you how to perform on a track with style. With 100-plus podium finishes, Fredric is the most winning driver in Formula Drift history. Originally from Ski, Norway, Fredric is a master driver who is known for his flat-out style.

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Hunter Taylor

Young and hungry. Hunter is a 28-year-old driver from San Diego, California. With four years of drifting experience, Hunter is ready to break out as a next-level driver.

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Ryan Tuerck

Top series championship contender and social influencer Ryan Tuerck knows how to turn heads. Originally from Derry, New Hampshire, Ryan learned to drift at age 16 on the snowy winter roads near his hometown. Now, he’s a legitimate figure in the racing game.

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Ken Gushi

Top drift contender and 16-year veteran Ken Gushi has been a prominent driver for years. Originally from Okinawa, Japan, he’s a long-established driver who has consistently made his mark on the drifting scene.