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Owner Benefits

MY 2019 Mirai Owner Experience

Mirai comes equipped with a comprehensive Owner Experience Program offering world-class services.


  • ToyotaCare's no cost normal factory scheduled maintenance for three years, or 35,000 miles, whichever comes first.27

  • ToyotaCare's no cost enhanced roadside assistance for three years, regardless of mileage.29

Fuel and Support

  • Three years of complimentary fuel.24

  • Three years of 24/7 customer call support.

  • A three-year Safety Connect®59 trial subscription is included with your new Mirai. An Active Safety Connect® trial or subscription is required for H2 (Hydrogen) Fuel Stations Locator and Vehicle Finder App.

  • Mirai's complimentary Rental Experience for up to 21 days during the first three years of ownership.26


8-year / 100,000-mile FCEV warranty on key fuel cell vehicle components, including:28

  • Fuel cell air compressor

  • Fuel cell boost converter

  • Fuel cell ECU

  • Fuel cell hydrogen tanks

  • Fuel cell power control unit (PCU)

  • Fuel cell stack

  • Hybrid battery ECU (battery voltage sensor)

  • Hybrid battery pack

  • Hybrid control module (power management control module)

  • Hydrogen fueling ECU

Owner Stories

Meet The First Mirai Drivers

Get to know Mirai better through its trailblazers.


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Get Answers From Mirai Owners.

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