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Driving & Safety (5)

The Future of Cruise Control

Don’t you hate when you’ve just set your cruise control on the highway, and then someone pulls in front of you, forcing you to adjust your speed? While cruise control helps give your foot a break, it doesn’t account for the ebb and flow of normal traffic. Seldom is there...

Summertime Safety

Summertime means sunny days, vacations and road trips. However, it can also mean unexpected breakdowns and minor roadside emergencies. You can never be too prepared, and taking a minute to do a few simple things could save you a lot of headache in the long run. This is e...

Engine Issues

It's a day like any other. You buckle into your car and start the engine. As you’re about to drive off, you notice that the Check Engine light is on. This could mean a number of things, but there are a few common reasons you should be aware of first. Here’s what they are...

Keeping Your Brakes In Check

It’s no fun worrying about brakes. And most of us don’t. We assume they’re working right and will do their job when called upon. But as with anything, brakes should be checked, maintained and considered so that you can be sure they’re always in working order...

Toyota Teen Driving

We believe that driver education shouldn’t stop once teens pass their driving test. That’s why Toyota has partnered with Discovery Education to create Toyota Teen Driver, an interactive Web site aimed at providing resources on safe driving for parents, educators, schools,..