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Formula Drift

Apr 29 - 2020
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10 Questions with Fredric Aasbø

Fredric Aasbo smiles before qualifying.10 Questions with Fredric Aasbø
What series and car are you currently in?

Formula Drift
2020 Rockstar Energy Drink Toyota GR Supra (brand new!)
Describe your first win. 

My first Formula Drift win was in New Jersey in June, 2014. That whole event was epic and something I’ll never forget. It was also the start of a really great winning streak with the team. 

It had been a sunny and fantastic day for racing in New Jersey. We were at this incredibly unforgiving track and the energy was intense. The event was jammed with fans.  We ended up making it into the finals against hometown hero and arguably one of the most experienced drivers at that track, Chris Forsberg. 
Fredric Aasbo drifts through the corner during practice.
Team owner Steph (Papadakis) had always said to me: “Once the first win comes, you’ll have figured out how to win and there will be more.” Until that point, we’d been to the finals but still hadn’t been able to push it over the edge and that day, we found ourselves in a battle for who could keep their cool the longest. I succeeded, while Chris made a mistake and slammed into me, which gave us the win. 
I also remember my first-ever win in Go Karting, when I was probably 14 or 15. It’s probably no surprise to anyone that it was in rainy conditions – which have continued to be my favorite conditions ever since. 
What is your favorite workout at the gym?

Running. And I run on the treadmill with my eyes closed. “Favorite?” I actually don’t like to it, but I do it because I’m training myself to be able to stay on the path I’m on when I can’t see -- because that’s exactly what drifting is. I’m not a big fan of gyms in general, but surfing some slow rolling waves on a Pacific island with warm water is my kind of workout.
Fredric Aasbo looks on as he prepares to drive his Toyota.
What is your most memorable birthday gift? 

It’s funny how when you get older, the gifts themselves don’t mean that much. It’s the way they made you feel that is meaningful. I think that’s what matters the most to us as human beings: it’s knowing that we mean something to someone. 
Everywhere I travel around the world, I keep in my backpack a few special birthday cards that family and friends have given. It’s what’s written in those cards that makes them special because it’s clear that the people who have written them care about me. 

They’re mostly from my family. 
I have a note here from my wife-to-be that says, “Yes, you can eat the cookies. [Heart]”

And I have one from my mom that says, “Dear Fredric -- Good, kind, strange, funny, clever, thoughtful handsome, humorous, kind, hard-working, creative, long-legged, honest, charismatic, you.” I look at that one when I doubt myself. 
Fredric Aasbo and Toyota teammate Jhonnathan Castro sign autographs for fans.
What is your go-to karaoke song?
Frank Sinatra, My Way. 
What TV show are you binge watching right now? 
I just got done with Drive to Survive, which is mandatory viewing. 

Besides racing, what activity do you enjoy doing?
In addition to Stand-up Paddle Surfing, I like going off-roading. Funny story: I was just stuck in the desert for 20 hours. It was awesome.
It’s all love from Fredric Aasbo.
Who is your racing idol?
I have a few different idols and two of them are some of the best OGs of drifting. 
In terms of sheer driving style, it’s Nobuteru Taniguchi, a legendary drifter. He’s one of the top drivers that came to Irwindale 17-years ago when drifting was first brought here. Now, he has an A90 Supra in Japan that he occasionally brings out for demonstration runs. He is also a Super GT driver and accomplished grip racer as well. 
In terms of raw battle skill it’s Naoki Nakamura. His ability to read the lead car and capitalize on what they’re doing is unmatched in the sport. He’s also a big personality: he doesn’t always care that much what the officials have to say and he’s actually been banned from his series several times. 

Taniguchi is super smooth and has these beautiful, polished lines, while Nakamura is extremely accurate but with this raw and wild edge. If I have one goal as a driver, it’s to somehow combine these two opposites. 
What sports teams are you a fan of?

There are other sports?
If you weren’t a race car driver, what would you be doing? 

One thing I know I couldn’t be doing is the same thing day in, and day out. What I would be doing is hard to say, because I think it could have been a number of things. I studied three years of media-communications and did some business school before I started driving full-time. Maybe I could have taken my mindset of racing into the financial world? Or business? Actually, scrap all that: I would have been a Ghostbuster.