Don't just rent a pick-up truckā€¦ rent a Toyota Tacoma. Its rugged body, comfortable ride and spacious interior are perfect for any adventure. And you'll find all the tech stuff you need to keep everyone hyped and happy:

  • Tacoma helps you complete feats of strength with a powerful engine that's more than meets the eye.
  • Should trouble prove unavoidable, Tacoma helps with a comprehensive airbag system that can help protect you.
  • Choose from three cab options: the Regular Cab with two doors, the Access Cab with two front full-opening and two rearward-opening access doors, or the Double Cab with four full-opening doors for five passengers.
Need a few more incentives? Tacoma also boasts:
  • It offers 4WDemand, which lets you go from 2WD drive to 4WD high and back while Tacoma's in motion. Just a turn and push of a dial and 4WD drive is engaged.
  • Front active headrest that moves forward and upward in certain rear-end collisions to lessen the space between the passengers head and headrest, helping to mitigate against whiplash injury
  • Standard Star Safety System™, an advanced integration of safety technologies
For details on how to rent a Tacoma, contact a participating dealer in your area and check their current availability.



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