Going the Extra Mile

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Figure Skating


August 8, 2005


Oakland, CA

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Alysa's Olympic Journey

Alysa was laced into her first pair of figure skates at just five years old. And despite skating around the rink—and falling everywhere—her dad couldn’t help but notice how much fun she was having. So, he signed Alysa up for group lessons. After that came the private lessons, until finally, she became the youngest-ever national figure skating champion at age 13.

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My dad has definitely helped me the most in this journey because of his full support. He believes in me.
Road to Beijing

With her eyes set on her Olympic debut in Beijing, Alysa knows entering the world stage will be difficult and challenging. The biggest obstacle she faces is overcoming her fear of big, quadruple jumps. Knowing she can't hold herself back, Alysa finds the motivation she needs from her friends and family, who inspire her to go all in—not just with figure skating, but also in life.

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Drive to the next level.

“I really like how smooth my Highlander is when we are driving. My dad drives it for me because I don’t have my license yet. But I definitely want to drive it as soon as possible.”

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2020 vehicle loaned to athlete

Elevate every moment.

“I love the color of my Highlander as well as the interior seating design and material.”

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2020 vehicle loaned to athlete

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