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July 16, 1990


New York, NY

Olympic Games

2012, 2016, 2020



Daryl's Olympic Journey

To Daryl, a kid born in the U.S. Virgin Islands and raised in New York, the moment fencing entered his life almost felt like destiny. After picking up the sport at a young age, Daryl was only 12 years old when he started training with an Olympic fencing coach.



Setbacks never set me back. I’ve always used them as stepping stones.
Road to Tokyo

Coming off his incredible success at the Olympic Games Rio 2016, Daryl understands that mind and body aren’t separate in sport. He meditates and works with his sports psychologist as Daryl plans his return to the world stage. He’s thankful for his team that’s molded him into the athlete he is today. His coach has taught him to value patience. His mother has been an example of toughness and perseverance. And his sister acts as his voice of reason. This time around, however, Daryl doesn’t just want to repeat his success; he wants to elevate the sport. His goal is to shine a new light on fencing and show people the human side of being an athlete. 


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2019 vehicle loaned to athlete

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