Persevering Past Every Obstacle

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Para Track & Field


May 15, 1990


Athens, GA

Olympic Games

2012, 2016, 2020



Jarryd’s Paralympic Journey

Jarryd's pursuit of world-class athletics took a detour at age 18 when he was diagnosed with compartment syndrome. In what should have been his first year as a Division I athlete, Jarryd faced the stark reality of needing to have his own leg amputated.




My body is as able as my mind is willing.
Road to Tokyo

Since his amputation, Jarryd has competed in two Paralympic Games, set four world records and become the nation's fastest amputee. In fact, his speed surpasses that of many professional football running backs. While most people saw tragedy, Jarryd came to understand his circumstances in different terms. Jarryd views life as a process of discovering one's own potential. And this potential is not defined by stop watches, gold medals or financial windfalls. At the end of the day, Jarryd hopes to look back and feel that he’s given it his all.


The definition of strength.

“My Tundra rides like a luxury vehicle, but with the height, power and capabilities of a truck.”

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2018 vehicle loaned to athlete

Strength, style and safety.

“My Tundra helps me haul all my training gear to and from the track. But beyond training, my Tundra is a wonderful vehicle for my family.”

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2018 vehicle loaned to athlete

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