Seeing the Journey Come Full Circle

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June 2000


Old Bridge Township, NJ

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Laurie’s Olympic Journey

When Laurie was five years old, she watched the balance beam competition from her living room in New Jersey and was captivated. Daring to dream, she entered the gym as soon as she could and hasn’t looked back. Today, young girls and boys come up to her and say they were inspired to start gymnastics because they saw her competing. For Laurie, seeing the experience come full circle keeps her drive alive.

No dream is too big if you have a great community of people there to help you along your journey.
Road to Tokyo

Laurie knows sacrificing is part of the journey, and she’s thankful she has such a strong family to support her. Back in 2016, Laurie felt like she lost all hope after struggling with an injury before her first Olympic trials. But her family encouraged her to keep going and finish what she started, regardless of the outcome. She later went on to make the team and represent Team USA at the Olympic Games Rio 2016. For Laurie, the biggest boundary she is trying to push past today is herself. This time around, she’s working on her mental toughness just as hard as she’s working on her routine. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Laurie is learning to let herself make small mistakes here and there. For her, feeling free while competing is key. It connects her to the little girl watching the balance beam on TV with her mom.


Surpass all expectations.

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2019 vehicle loaned to athlete

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