Carving a Path to Greatness

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March 20, 1988


Bellefontaine, OH

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Louie's Olympic Journey

Louie grew up skiing with his family at the small resort near his hometown in Ohio. It wasn’t until he saw snowboarding that he wanted to give it a try. And when he did, there was no going back. In 2002, he went to boarding school in Vermont, where he experienced his first, true, full-winter season. That same year, he made nationals. Today, his eyes are on Olympic gold.

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It is not about avoiding obstacles, it is about overcoming obstacles.
Road to Beijing

Louie never settles in the comfort zone. He always pushes himself, which allows him to set new boundaries and goals to also push through. In a sport like snowboarding, there’s no holding back. To Louie, every obstacle is one to overcome; every setback a step forward. Having this mindset is what got him to where he is now. His biggest motivators are his family and friends, and even the people who doubt him.

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Powerfully capable.

Getting to the mountains is easy with Tundra’s impressive 5.7L V8 drivetrain, Active Traction Control, and Automatic Limited-Slip Differential.

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2019 vehicle loaned to athlete

Creature comforts.

“I love how smooth my Tundra drives and how much space there is. Sometimes I am jealous of my friends who ride in the backseat because it is HUGE!”

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2019 vehicle loaned to athlete

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With a powerful 5.7-liter V8 and overbuilt drivetrain, properly equipped 2021 Tundras can tow over 10,000 lbs. And, of course, each Tundra is assembled with pride in the great state of Texas. They say that true strength endures, and we’re here to prove it.

2021 Limited CrewMax shown in Cavalry Blue