Patience. Patience. Patience

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December 3, 1997


Murrieta, CA

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Michael’s Olympic Journey

When Michael started running track, it was just a way to hang out and compete with his friends. He’ll even admit he wasn’t the fastest on the team when he started. He even thought about quitting before his freshman year, until his friend convinced him to keep on going.  Little did Michael know, his success that season would ignite his desire to compete on the world stage.

Knowing all the potential I have in the sport makes me excited to be the best athlete I can be.
Road to Tokyo

If there is one word to describe Michael’s journey, it would be “patience.” Although he’s had some amazing moments in his young career, Michael knows inspirational or exciting moments can’t be forced. Those moments are a product of countless days, months and years of hard work and dedication to the sport. As a sprinter, Michael trains over 300 days a year for a race that lasts mere seconds. And when it’s over, the highs are high and the lows are low. But Michael makes every effort he can to be mentally prepared. For Michael, seeing his family and friends in the stands reminds him of all the progress he’s made from the day his dad introduced him to the track in 2009.


Excitement at every turn.

The 8-speed automatic transmission works in perfect harmony with GR Supra's powertrain to deliver explosive acceleration and maximum power.

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2020 vehicle loaned to athlete

Get the most out of every drive.

GR Supra's interior features a number of inspired touches such as its 14-way power-adjustable sport seats and sport steering wheel.

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2020 vehicle loaned to athlete

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With a heritage that goes back over 40 years, GR Supra has redefined the sports car time and time again. Its mission: to allow driver, car and road to become one for pure driving pleasure. The new era of performance is here. Strap in.

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