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Figure Skating


May 5, 1999


Salt Lake City, UT

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Nathan's Olympic Journey

After watching the 2002 Winter Olympics held in his hometown of Salt Lake City, Nathan began figure skating at the practice arena that was built near his home. And while he had some success in his youth, it wasn’t until about five years ago that he was able to produce the technical skills to be truly competitive. His Olympic debut came in 2018 in PyeongChang, where he placed bronze in the team figure skating event. Now, he hopes to have an even more satisfying Olympic experience in Beijing.

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I hope by providing young Asian-Americans a face that looks like theirs, I can inspire them to strive for their passions and goals.
Road to Beijing

Many things motivate Nathan in life, but the most integral ones are his parents, who immigrated from China and did everything and more to provide for him and his four older siblings. He knows that without their help and guidance, he would have never made it this far. He also sees competitions as great motivators. To him, they give an opportunity to show the work he’s put in over the years. And while he’s determined to show what he can do on the ice, he also wants to make a difference off of it.

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Take power to the next level.

“My Supra takes off faster than I could’ve imagined and is truly exhilarating. I have never driven a car like it.”

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2021 vehicle loaned to athlete

Entice and excite.

“I love the confidence and sense of cool I get when sitting so low to the ground. When I have time, I would love to do a road trip.”

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2021 vehicle loaned to athlete

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With a heritage that goes back over 40 years, GR Supra has redefined the sports car time and time again. Its mission: to allow driver, car and road to become one, for pure driving pleasure. The new era of performance is here. Strap in.

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