The 2020 Camry TRD and Avalon TRD

What happens when you toss the Camry and Avalon keys to our Toyota Racing Development engineers? The result is two sedans that are going to transform your daily drive. With a history of dominating the racetracks, both sedans have gone through the paces to earn their TRD badges. They’re what you’ve been waiting for, and they’re ready to make their mark.

Camry TRD and Avalon TRD Highlights

Camry TRD shown in Wind Chill Pearl with Midnight Black Metallic roof. Prototype shown.
Stronger Core
Track-tuned shocks combine with thicker underbody bracing to increase torsional rigidity for enhanced cornering, steering response and straight-line performance. Camry TRD's stiffer coil springs and beefier front and rear anti-sway bars increase roll stiffness by 44% in front and 67% in the rear.
Camry TRD interior shown in Black leather trim. Prototype shown.
Distinctive Details
Inside, red accents on the stitching, seatbelts and TRD-embroidered headrests remind every passenger what's in store for the drive. Buckle up and feel the adrenaline kick in. Start the engine and unleash the growl of the specially tuned cat-back dual exhaust with every throttle input.
Avalon TRD shown in Supersonic Red. Prototype shown.
Form With Function
The matte-black 19-in. alloy wheels found on Avalon TRD reduce 18 lbs. more unsprung mass than the 19-in. wheels on the 2019 Avalon XSE. And behind them, larger front brakes with 12.9-in.-diameter rotors and dual-piston red-painted calipers offer more bite compared to the 12-in. rotors and single-piston calipers found on XSE grades.
Camry TRD shown in Wind Chill Pearl with Midnight Black Metallic roof. Avalon TRD shown in Supersonic Red. Prototypes shown.
Purposeful Stance
Unique coil springs lower each vehicle by 0.6 inches. A lower center of gravity means enhanced stability and handling. But they’re about more than just performance: Their aggressive look is finished off with a front splitter, red-pin-striped side aero skirts, a rear diffuser and a black rear spoiler that complement the thrill of 301 hp underneath the hood.

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