When the ITx North America Quality team was called upon to develop a relatively small portion of the upcoming Over-The-Air (OTA) software update system, the team was, of course, excited to be a part of such an important initiative. But what they didn't expect was to have the project scope evolve and grow so quickly.


In August 2020, the North America Quality ITx (NAQ ITx) team had conversations with the NA Quality business team and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) about how to manage OTA software updates to a select group of vehicles.


These conversations led to the basic design of the Vehicle Software Release (VSR) web portal, which was a key solution to help manage software releases for vehicles with specific advanced driver assistance features and ensure quality control checks were completed before being sent OTA to the vehicles.


After designing the VSR portal, the ITx NA Quality team realized that this mechanism could be used to support other safety and advanced driver assistance software releases.


The ITx NA Quality team began evolving the VSR portal and created a bigger, comprehensive solution for any release being pushed over the air to any vehicle that was eligible to receive it.


Mike Mora, ITx NA Quality PO team member explains why it's important to make sure everything works for the consumer by testing all features and updates. "Obviously, we want our updates to be as convenient and user-friendly as possible for customers. We believe that OTA will be a critical capability as we move toward a mobility company, and we're excited to play a role in that transformation."