ITx's Design, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain provides Toyota Motor North America with the tools they need to optimally work in today's digital, 21st century world. This team supports the Research & Development Powertrain Model-Based-Development group, which virtually tests designs using CAD models and analysis tools.


Fritz Wilke, manager of Research Develop Source, explains, "We're taking complex systems and helping put them into a virtual environment to get meaningful results that directly impact our business and customers. If we identify an issue early, we directly support the people who will analyze and resolve that issue. We provide the tools that allow them to work."


Big picture, Fritz and his team's mission is to put the right infrastructure solutions in place, help identify the right tools, the right quantities, and purchase and implement them. They show their business partners how to be productive with these tools - if wait time is experienced in the program, they'll help optimize workflows or build out infrastructure for optimization.


What's next for ITx's Design, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain? The focus is now on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to make informed decisions, and move to the cloud.