WE ARE PLEASED TO PRESENT the seventh annual Toyota North America Environmental Report. This report describes our progress toward achieving the goals set forth in our FY2007-2011 Environmental Action Plan.

2007 marks the 50th anniversary of Toyota doing business in North America, and we want to sincerely thank the customers and communities that have supported us over the years. 2007 has been a major year for Toyota globally and in North America, especially in terms of environmental progress. Toyota reached a milestone this year of a million sales of our hybrid vehicles, over half of which were sold here in North America. This is in part a reflection of a changing world — people around the world are increasingly aware of our interdependence as a global community, and our dependence on the planet. From global challenges like climate change and energy diversity, to opportunities for environmental and technology innovation, the public has become far more aware of environmental issues. These challenges push us to continually improve our product design and manufacturing processes.

In the coming years, social and environmental issues will be crucial to the auto sector. Currently, there are about three quarters of a billion cars worldwide. By 2050, there could be over two billion cars on the planet if the industry continues to produce cars at the current rate. Socially and economically, cars and trucks have become an indispensable part of modern North American life. For example, the average U.S. household has more vehicles than drivers. In the next 10 years, 64 million people will get their drivers’ license. As demand for our vehicles continues to grow, we plan to meet these needs with sustainable manufacturing practices and innovative environmental technologies.

Our enduring mission has been to contribute to society and the economy by producing high-quality products and services. This mission is supported by our values and our culture, which we call The Toyota Way. The Toyota Way serves as the foundation for our business activities and is the basis of our approach to environmental issues. Based on our understanding of long-term global environmental issues, on an evaluation of the environmental impacts of the full vehicle life cycle, and on feedback from experts within and outside Toyota, we have identified six areas that we consider to be most material to our environmental footprint. These areas structure our FY2007-2011 Environmental Action Plan and this report:

  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Recycling and Improved Resource Use
  • Substances of Concern
  • Air Quality
  • Environmental Management
  • Cooperation With Society

We trust that you will find this report interesting and informative, and we look forward to your feedback.


The period covered in this North America Environmental Report is fiscal year 2007 (April 1, 2006 through March 31, 2007) and product model year 2007. If data are presented with different dates, this is clearly indicated. This report was published in October 2007.

This report is structured around our FY2007-2011 Environmental Action Plan. Issue-based reporting creates a new structure for this environmental report, which was previously organized around the life cycle process. We also provide information on our company’s overall economic investment in North America. The report covers activities across the North American region — the United States, Canada and Mexico.

We launch this year a new Internet-based report. This report is also published in hard copy. French and Spanish versions are provided on the Web only. We listened to your comments and suggestions about last year’s report, and used them to improve this report. We would appreciate hearing from you again. A reader feedback form is provided on the Web.

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