Welcome to Toyota‘s 2019 North American Environmental Report, where we feature information about our environmental strategy and performance across four key focus areas — Carbon, Water, Materials and Biodiversity — plus related outreach activities. We believe concentrating our efforts within these core focus areas will have the greatest positive impact on society, the planet and our business.

Here in North America, we are innovating, continuously improving, and thinking big and boldly, all to go beyond minimizing negative impacts and bring us closer to creating a net positive impact on the planet and society. In this report, you’ll learn about how the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 is informing our regional strategy and pushing us to build a better, smarter, more sustainable future.

Challenge 2050 was issued by Toyota Motor Corporation as a set of six goals that are part of the company’s global, long-term commitment to supporting the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable society. Challenge 2050 is inspiring Toyota team members, partners and customers and connecting them with the company’s core commitment to sustainable mobility.