2014 Toyota
North American
Environmental Report

Welcome to Toyota's 2014 North American Environmental Report. This year's report focuses on five priority issues: CARBON, WATER, MATERIALS, BIODIVERSITY and OUTREACH.


Toyota considers global warming to be a top priority. In 2015, Toyota's fuel cell vehicle will hit the market, powered by hydrogen and emitting nothing but water vapor; our largest assembly plant will be partially powered by green electricity produced from landfill gas; and Yellowstone National Park, with our help, will generate sustainable power from used Camry Hybrid batteries. These projects all require time, dedication and collaboration to succeed. We are innovating for positive change and moving along our path to a low carbon future.


Water is a precious resource. Throughout the company, we are making changes to use less water. We saved over 90 million gallons last year by doing some pretty creative things, like recycling phosphate rinse water. We're helping others conserve water, too. Through programs like the National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation, individuals in the U.S. have pledged to save 1.4 billion gallons this year. In Toyota's cycle of water stewardship, everyone has a role in making sure this precious resource is available for generations to come.


For Toyota, "Materials" refers to everything used to make a vehicle, whether it ends up in the final product or not. Some materials contain substances of concern, which we try to reduce or eliminate. And in the process of making vehicles, some materials become waste. Last year, we reduced, reused or recycled 95 percent of our own solid waste. We also collected household waste and donation items from our neighbors. Together, we are helping to keep usable material out of landfills and helping others reuse and recycle.


Over 2,100 species of animals and plants are listed as endangered or threatened around the world. To keep these species from disappearing forever, collaboration is key. Toyota partners with the Wildlife Habitat Council to bring together employees, government agencies and conservation organizations to build healthy ecosystems and connected communities. From protecting monarch butterflies to supporting National Public Lands Day, these efforts are all part of our mission to create positive environmental change.


Our outreach strategy seeks to make connections that scale up our activities in carbon, water, materials and biodiversity. Engaging stakeholders is central to the success of this strategy. We work with our network of Toyota and Lexus dealerships on green building initiatives, and through Toyota TogetherGreen, we are inspiring more and more people to join the conservation movement. Through the power of collaboration, we hope to create lasting positive outcomes on a macro scale.

Also visit the Performance section, where we've combined all our data charts. Here you will also find information about Air Quality (VOC emissions and criteria pollutant tailpipe emissions), a list of our LEED®-certified facilities, information on the ISO 14001 certification status of our sites, and our environmental compliance record.

This report covers activities in the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as the Toyota, Lexus and Scion brands in North America. The period covered is fiscal year 2014 (April 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014) and product model year 2014. Data presented with different dates is clearly indicated.

We listened to your comments and suggestions about last year's report and used them to improve this report. We would appreciate your feedback. You may participate in a survey found here.

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