Dear Readers:

The automobile and the automotive industry are undergoing a technological transformation. Hybrid vehicles are now mainstream, while battery electric and plug-in vehicles are growing in numbers. In a matter of a few short months, fuel cell vehicles will join the mix.

This puts our society on the cusp of a new conversation about mobility. Mobility means people have the freedom to move, grow and explore. And we’re creating the products to help them do just that, in a cleaner and more efficient way. Like the Toyota fuel cell vehicle (FCV) that will hit the road in 2015, which emits nothing but water vapor.

Toyota’s commitment to producing ever greener vehicles through more sustainable processes has never been more apparent. We will soon be manufacturing some of the greenest cars on the road — the Camry Hybrid and Avalon Hybrid — using a green energy source: landfill gas. And the progress we’ve made in reducing environmental impacts in other areas is just as impressive.

In North America, we have identified five priorities that drive our environmental strategy: carbon, water, materials, biodiversity and outreach. We set short-term targets through fiscal year 2016 in each of these areas that apply to more than 85 North American assembly and unit plants, logistics centers, offices and R&D centers.

So far, we are on track for achieving every target.

But sustainability also requires a long-term view. We have already begun the process of developing our next five-year environmental action plan to take us through 2021. We are working closely with our parent company Toyota Motor Corporation, and engaging with other Toyota regions — particularly in Europe and South America — to identify strategic priorities, global environmental trends, risks and opportunities. We are even looking beyond 2021 to 2030 and even 2050, thinking about what we want our environmental story to be in the future.

The innovations developed by team members and associates show that we’re not just keeping pace — we are leading the future of mobility today and tomorrow. From hybrids to fuel cell vehicles, from energy efficiency to hybrid battery storage systems, Toyota is pushing what’s possible. This is a world in motion, and our innovations are helping us shape a more sustainable future. Welcome to this year’s North American Environmental Report. We hope you enjoy this chapter of our story.

Jim Lentz Jim Lentz Signature

Jim Lentz
Chief Executive Officer
Toyota North America

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Osamu Nagata
President and Chief Executive Officer
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

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Kazuo Ohara
President and Chief Executive Officer
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

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Kevin M. Butt
Regional Environmental Director
Toyota North American Environmental