116 Innovators – Making Production More Productive
September 28, 2015

ACE Metal Crafts Co. needed to streamline its process if it was to stay competitive. The Toyota Production System not only helped to make them more efficient, it allowed them to grow.

The Challenge

Specializing in stainless steel fabrication and machining, ACE Metal Crafts Co. faced competition from an ever-growing global marketplace, as well as production difficulties.


With problems delivering orders on time, and typical order fulfillment taking longer than the competition, ACE Metal Crafts Co. needed to make themselves more efficient if they were going to keep up.



The Toyota Effect

Toyota came in to help and collaborate. By learning and using the Toyota Production System, ACE Metal Crafts Co. improved workflow, operating efficiencies and order fulfillment.


Employees found that by taping off a section of the floor to match the size of a shipping truck, they could see how many pieces would fit inside a truck would be before sending it out, saving time and effort. This was just one of the simple steps that ultimately allowed them to not only keep their existing employees, but to increase orders and add an additional 20 people to their workforce.




"The entire workforce is more engaged in improving processes, and helping each other. I believe they feel more in control of their own destiny as well as the success of the company."
Jean Pitzo, CEO, ACE Metal Crafts Co.