Coming Home – Build Quality Homes, More Quickly
September 28, 2015

The St. Bernard Project helps rebuild and repair homes damaged by natural disasters. With help from the Toyota Production System, they were able to help get more people back into their homes — even faster.

The Challenge

Years after Hurricane Katrina, many families were still unable to rebuild or repair their devastated homes. The St. Bernard Project created a volunteer network of skilled (and unskilled) laborers to help rehabilitate thousands of homes still damaged from the storm.

However, organizing and scheduling hundreds of volunteers and contractors in a timely manner, while ensuring that the homes were built with high quality and in the shortest amount of time possible, became a real problem.



The Toyota Effect

By sharing the key philosophies of the Toyota Production System (TPS) with the St. Bernard Project, they were able to reduce waste, increase efficiency and lower the costs and the time it takes to get homes built.


With simple solutions like a whiteboard system that monitored projects, or naming stepladders to help keep track of them, Toyota and the St. Bernard Project were able to build more quickly and efficiently. And that meant more New Orleans residents were able to return home faster than before.


"We believe that our success shouldn't just be tied to the number of houses that we build, but instead should be tied to our success in making the industry more efficient so that citizens, across the country, can move home in a prompt, efficient and predictable manner."

Zack Rosenburg, CEO & Co-Founder of The St. Bernard Project



Help the St. Bernard Project

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