Lauren Shweder-Biel launched DC Greens in 2009 to start a farmer’s market, but that idea quickly grew into an organization that connects communities across Washington, D.C., to healthy food. Its efforts include a program in which clinic doctors write prescriptions for fruits and vegetables that can be filled at local farmer’s markets, and the Growing Gardens Teachers program, which trains educators to run integrated school garden programs. Recognizing their power and position to make a broader impact, she says, has been “exciting.”

Lauren Shweder-Biel

Since its inception in 2012, Toyota has cultivated the Toyota Mothers of Invention program by not only awarding more than $1 million to these women-led companies with Driving Solutions grants, but also facilitating networking opportunities, building relevant connections, and providing access to intellectual capital to help their organizations go places. These women, who are leading the charge to work on issues like homelessness, education, food, water, energy, and more, come from all over the world, and are using innovation to create lasting and sustainable impact.

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