Mothers of Invention - Turning Smartphones Into Labs

March 6, 2018

In Latin America, 88 percent of schools don’t have access to lab equipment. Komal Dadlani, a Chilean native who got a master’s degree in biochemistry, founded by Lab4U to “democratize science and change the way science is taught” around the world. Lab4U’s technology leverages the built-in sensors in smartphones to give all students access to the experience of scientific experimentation. Dadlani and her team created a suite of products that can be used in and out of the classroom to get kids excited about science. If science can provide the framework to solve the world’s largest issues, Lab4U posits, empowering kids with the gift of experimentation sets the groundwork for a better tomorrow.

Through the Mothers of Invention program, Toyota supports Dadlani’s innovative and creative approach to tackle this issue. The Toyota Mothers of Invention program provides grants to remarkable women actively contributing to their communities and to the world through innovation, entrepreneurship, and invention. Toyota's support enables these organizations to multiply their impact and expand their reach.

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