Mothers of Invention – Gifting Language to Others
April 11, 2018

Maile Molin’s unique school ENGLISH @ WORK aims to break the cycle of poverty by teaching language in the workplace to those with limited English proficiency. Molin taught her first class to the cooks, busboys and dishwashers she worked with while waiting tables at a restaurant after noting their difficulty getting to the language classes they needed. Since then, her organization has expanded. Businesses who host ENGLISH @ WORK classes see improvements in employee safety awareness and customer service, as well as increased employee loyalty.

Through the Mothers of Invention program, Toyota supports Molin’s innovative and creative approach to tackle this issue. The Toyota Mothers of Invention program provides grants to remarkable women actively contributing to their communities and to the world through innovation, entrepreneurship, and invention. Toyota's support enables these organizations to multiply their impact and expand their reach.

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