Toyota Partners With The Olympic and Paralympic Games To Spread Mobility Globally

November 29, 2017


For Toyota, mobility is about more than cars and trucks; it’s about overcoming challenges and turning dreams into reality. Toyota views mobility as the foundation on which to build a society that grants everyone access to the same opportunities.


These ideals, as well as a respect for people and a focus on continuous improvement, are held not only by Toyota, but also the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC). The Olympic and Paralympic Games bring the world together in celebration of the highest realizations of human athletic potential. This shared philosophy is a key reason Toyota decided to sponsor the Olympic and Paralympic Games through 2024.


Innovation, passion and a commitment to challenging the constraints of impossibility are longstanding tenets of Toyota. That was true when it produced some of the best looms in the world before it began making cars, and it’s still true today, with vehicles like Prius shifting the green car paradigm and technological advancements like those found in Mirai paving the path to an ever-better future.

That’s why Toyota is firmly committed to its future as a mobility company. With its advancements in electrified and alternative powertrains, self-driving cars, and the use of robotics to improve personal mobility, Toyota considers its history of innovation to be an invaluable asset in the push to develop a sustainable society through mobility.

As the first mobility sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Toyota will showcase not just its mobility services, but also its strong tradition of logistics expertise.

“We have to dream beyond conventional vehicles and create new forms of mobility that overcome the limits of today and solve the problems of tomorrow,” Akio Toyoda said about the partnership. “We share this dream and this spirit of continuous improvement with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, who challenge their own limits every day. I hope that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will create an opportunity for everyone affiliated with Toyota to challenge their impossible and defy their limitations.”


As the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 approach, Toyota will be encouraging more people around the world to overcome their challenges, and prove that with the right combination of hard work and innovation, people can accomplish anything they set out to do.