Saving Sight – More Efficient Patient Care
September 28, 2015

With an ever-growing number of patients in dire need of help, the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Eye Clinic looked to the Toyota Production System to help save more people’s sight.

The Challenge


As a major medical hub, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center sees a large volume of patients, many of whom have limited resources and an advanced state of their disease.


With so many demands, it became difficult for Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Eye Clinic’s nurses, doctors and administration to treat patients quickly and efficiently.



The Toyota Effect


By working with Toyota to identify and implement changes to their process, the clinic was able to increase the number of patients they could see every day, as well as ease the burden on the staff.


By making small, but impactful changes like color-coding files and reorganizing supplies and equipment, nurses and doctors could treat patients effectively and efficiently. Collaborating with Toyota empowered the clinic to find a process that worked for them—and ultimately their patients.


"We're not the same organization we were a year ago. We're taking some of the lessons that we learned...and are spreading the change throughout the hospital."

Susan Black, Chief Improvement Officer, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center