A Forest Grows in Indiana

In addition to having top levels of environmental performance in its operations, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, (TMMI) plant has become a steward of the land: Our plant has had thousands of trees planted on site and has plans to forest almost 230 acres with native Indiana hardwoods.

The new forest areas are creating habitat for native animals to live and prosper, such as White-tailed Deer and Red-tailed Hawks. Neal Bogan, a naturalist with the Wesselman Nature Society, helped perform a species survey of the reforested area. “Toyota’s reforesting efforts are helping wildlife. I saw several locally rare species of migratory birds on the property, some I believe to be nesting there. They also have attracted several large mammal species including deer, coyote and rabbits,” said Neal. “The species found here could use the area as a starting to point to move out into the surrounding properties and possibly repopulate some of the surrounding area.”

So far, over 90,000 native tree species have been planted on 160 acres. Phase four of the five-phase plan took place in the spring of 2013 and phase five is planned for 2014.