Environmental Management Systems (EMS) at Work

In 2012, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our oldest plant in North America, TABC. Located in Long Beach, California, TABC is a supplier of components for the Tacoma truck manufactured at our North American assembly plants in Texas and Baja California, Mexico.

TABC is a perfect example of how our environmental management system (EMS) works. Our EMS provides a framework for compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements, but also paves a path for going above and beyond. TABC has held ISO 14001 certification since 1998, consistently achieving recertification every three years. This achievement means TABC is one of seven Toyota facilities in North America to have held the certification for 15 consecutive years.

TABC’s EMS stresses following a process and, when a problem arises, performing root cause analysis. By following our well-developed EMS, team members are proactive, wherever possible identifying risk and making corrections to prevent a problem from occurring.

TABC, like many of the North American plants, is evolving. Recently the plant’s Environmental Department went back to basics, identifying and reconfirming high-risk areas, reviewing and revising policies and procedures, raising awareness on the shop floor every day, and checking for compliance and conformance in order to improve upon our already impressive record of environmental sustainability.