Electrification for All



Cars drivers love—for a planet we all do

How do you balance a passion for performance with a love for the planet? It’s a question our engineers answer every day. Toyota provides stylish and exciting vehicles that are also safe to drive, while remaining at the forefront of environmental engineering. Today, with over 2 million Hybrid Electric Vehicles on U.S. roads – more than any other manufacturer – plus new breakthroughs in Plug-In Hybrid, Fuel Cell Electric, and All-Electric technologies, we are building better cars for the journey ahead and for our planet.

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Environmental Partners

In order to create positive change, we work closely with inspiring environmental organizations. Some of these key partnerships include:


A laptop with a plant sprouting near it.,A laptop with a plant sprouting near it.

North American Environmental Report

Our North American Environmental Report outlines the progress being made towards the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 and the net positive impacts across North America.

Download our 2022 North American Environmental Report here

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