Towards a Circular Economy


Each year, Toyota’s assembly plants generate TPU scrap. TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethanes, are a category of plastic used as a soft engineering plastic or as a replacement for hard rubber. For the last few years, Ergo Advantage Inc has been working with Toyota and Green Metals Canada Inc to create a durable anti-fatigue matting solution using Toyota’s scrap TPU. After rigorous testing, a matting solution made in North America and suitable for all Toyota manufacturing plants was developed. Team members say the matting is more comfortable and more durable than previous mats. We estimate that each year, 300,000 pounds of TPU scrap can be repurposed into 67,000 anti-fatigue mats covering 150,000 square feet. The mats are estimated to cost 30% less than comparable mats on the market, and they can be recycled at their end of life. This sustainable solution reduces waste, lowers Toyota’s carbon footprint and provides cost savings.